Advanced CCTV Training

Advanced CCTV Training:

First day - Basic course
Second day - Advanced Course

Training Info

On the advanced CCTV Course, on the theory module, we cover basic networking which will allow a user to understand how to assign and work with the IP addresses needed on DVR’s NVR’s and IP Cameras 

Once the basic understanding of networks is achieved, we move on, on how to connect products to the internet and allow remote access through a smart phone

On practical side while using our practical facility we learn who to crimp BNC’s on to RG59 coaxial cables as well how to crimp RG45 LAN cables for IP Cameras.

We then make use of our 8 practical stations which means the delegates connect the cameras with the cable they have made, We then follow through with a full rundown on operational training using the interface of the recorders which will show the value added features the Dahua products offer.

At the end of the course we will go thought our extensive video wall technology to show case how a CCTV Control Room operates and the components needed to set this up.

Completion of the course will aid the delegate to further understand CCTV and the multitude of applications available on the market. Practical videos and information is also shared which will assist in understanding how to design and install a basic to middle range CCTV System for residential or industrial use.

For further information on ‘When and What’ courses are being held, contact your closest Branch or contact Johanna Dube on 011 397 3507 or email